Our client testimonials

We are family owned and operated dealer for the largest solar companies in the country installing the best products for the cheapest cost to the customer

“Professional, very organized and handled any unforeseen issues immediately for quick resolution. Installation crew, customer service and management were outstanding.”

Salman Shah

Salman Consultants

“Very professional and go beyond their duties to make your transition to solar as easy as possible. Communications are awesome between their office and you. Highly recommend this company to anyone interested.”
Adam Smith

Bright Star Advertisers

“No issues everything in the process went smoothly and it has made my bills less while also helping the environment. Win win situation”

Julia's Construction

Good product…..very efficient compared to competitors…..and I am a Tesla fan (and stockholder).
Faiza Ikram


“When researching, panels received highest ratings. Reason I chose SunnyMac”

Jeff Thomson

Thomson Enterprises

“There are quite a few different solar companies that have installs in my town. SunnyMac panels and our install is definitely a cleaner and nicer look.
Terry Hawk

Glovery Craft


We Are Ready For Solar Energy, All We Need Is To Use It Well

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